Enterprise PACS & RIS

  • Scalable Enterprise Web Based PACS Solution

    Web Based Enterprise Level PACS with mobile and tablet support for Hospitals and Diagnostic Centres. Built on Scalable Enterprise Linux Platform with RAID Storage and advanced Storage monitoring with large Storage for Years. Administration can be done using web interface using any browser. Supports large number of Concurrent Web Clients on Desktops, 3D Radiology Workstations and Mobile/Tablets. No Software needs to be installed to view the studies on a Desktop or Tablets.
  • Makes Hospitals Film less and Radiology Department Paper Less

    Images are available within Seconds of being acquired by the modality and can be viewed within or Outside the hospital by Radiologists and Physicians or Consultants using just a web browser. The Patients need not carry their old films as PACS can retrieve prior studies in seconds making film printing redundant and and saving the ecology. RIS work flow will enable hospitals to make their Radiology Department paper less.
  • Stores Radiology Studies and Reports for Years

    Mirrored Storage of images and Radiology Reports with Secondary Backup makes sure that there is no loss of studies for years. Can also be integrated with commercially available NAS or SAN solutions.
  • Multi Modality Support

    Supports reporting of Images from modalities like CT, MRI, CR, DX, US, XA, NM, PET, OPG, SC etc. Studies from any Dicom compatible modalities can be viewed in the PACS.
  • Web based Dicom Viewer

    Web based Dicom viewer works on any plat from like Windows, Linux or MAC with any browser like IE, Firefox,Google Chrome, Safari or OPera. No software needs to be installed. It has enhaced image manipulation tools with an ability to access studies from anywhere any time.
  • MIP/MPR 3D Web based PACS Radiology Workstation

    Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP), Multi Planar Reformatting (MPR), Surface Rendering and Volume rendering(VR) with support for various Volume rendering protocols. The Predefined Volume rendering protocols will generate reasonable images with very little adjustments. 3D PACS client can be installed on Windows Linux and MAC
  • HTML5 Dicom Viewer for Mobiles, Android and IPAD Tablets

    Mobile and Tablet Dicom Viewer for those on the move. The PACS web viewer can be used to view the dicom images on android or IPAD devices (Mobiles and Tablets) with mobile gesture support.
  • Built in Teleradiology functionality

    For Users logging to the PACS form outside the hosptial can use the inbuilt teleradiology feature of the PACS. Using JPEG2000 compression viewing Dicom studies in dicom web viewer or 3D PACS viewer can be a breeze even in low bandwidth conditions.
  • Web Reporting

    Easy to use web interface with editing tools, with global report templates and private report templates for each user.
  • Smart Work Flow from Acquisition to Reporting

    Automatic Routing of Studies to Radiologist work list based on Smart Rules will automate the work flow with no Manual Intervention. It is also possible to Automate the forwarding of Studies and Prior s to the Radiology Workstation.
  • HIPAA Compliant work flow customization

    Work flow ensures that only reporting radiologist and referring physician have access to the studies and unauthorised acess is not possbile.
  • Integrate RIS with third party HMS/HIS and EMR Systems

    Hl7 integration with Existing HMS/HIS to propagate Radiology Orders to Modality Worklist. Web based integration with EMR will enable reports and images to be viewed from within the EMR.
  • Can upload Non Dicom Video

    Normal Non Dicom Videos like endoscopy and operations can be uploaded and stored on the PACS and can be viewed using the web interface.
  • Video Conferencing Support

    Video conferencing tool of PACS can be used to communicate between Radiologists or Referring Physician
  • EnterPrise PACS Server

    MedPac Systems StorePacs is an Enterprise Class Linux based scalable dicom 3.0 compliant PACS server with in built Storage with Raid 10 support.
  • Supports up to 12 TB online storage (disks are mirrored so no loss of data due to disk crash) and supports integration with offline storage NAS(Network Attached storage).
  • Is HIPAA compliant making the patient data secure and HL7 integration with HIS or HMS is a breeze.
  • The web based reporting with audio reporting makes reporting easy and improves reporting quality.
  • The technicians can add history to the studies along with priority flags and printed status make the whole of the radiology department paper less.
  • Supports any Dicom 3.0 modality along with web browser upload of studies to PACS and upload Non Dicom Videos
  • Smart work flow with auto forwarding of studies to workstation along with Statistical Information Reports on studies and radiologists
  • Multiple customizable user profiles depending on the hospital work flow
  • AE title/IP address validation for security
  • PACS Dicom Web Viewer

  • The intuitive web interface has some of the most advanced image processing tools like Scout lines, LUT, Measures, windowing, window presents depending on modality, Customizable layout, Comparison of different series, full screen mode, keyboard short cuts, printing, annotations, pan, zoom, magnifying glass, shutters, invert and cine loop
  • Works on any PC with Any Web Browser(IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera) on Any OS Window, Linux, MAC, Android, IPAD
  • Can export images to JPEG, PNG and Video format
  • Can Open Multiple Studies at once and Prior Studies of the same patient can be compared with the present study in the same window
  • An option for teleradiology to stream jpeg2000 Dicom images can be selected while logging in
  • 3D PACS Dicom Viewer(3D Webstation)

  • Works on Normal Desktops and Laptops with or with our Graphic Card on Window, Linux and MAC
  • Has inbuilt teleradiology capability so reporting can be done from any where
  • Smart download of images from the PACS server with multi threading support
  • Multimodality 2D and 3D viewer with Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP), Multi Planar Reformatting (MPR), Surface rendering and Volume rendering(VR) rendering support
  • Intuitive tools like zoo,Pan, LUT, Windowing, Measures with short cuts for easy reading of studies
  • GPU acceleration for systems with graphic cards.
  • Web and Audio reporting interface

    Template based reporting with word like interface with Audio reporting support and Radiologist digital signature support
  • Hospital Emblem can be Added to the report and the final report is in pdf/word format
  • Can have global templates or individual templates for each of the radiologist
  • Radiology Information Systems

  • Web Ris interface improves Radiology Work flow by automating from order entry to result distribution
  • The modality works list server populates the Radiology Orders from the HIS/HMS to the work lists at the modality making entering patient name at the modality consoles a thing of the past
  • Inbuilt RIS along with Audio reporting with intuitive customizable work list for Radiologists, Physicians, Transcriptionist, Front desk and Technicians.